About Us

If you want to permanently eliminate pain from your life, you must first begin from complete relaxation. Quite simply, relaxation and pain relief are related in this way. When you completely relax -

  • Your body unwinds and releases habits of movement and positioning that initially created your pain; which then allows"
  • Your body to return to your naturally pain-free state, and therefore
  • Your pain literally disappears.

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So, let's briefly clarify what we, at Drungo mean by each of these amazingly simple steps:
The state of relaxation that is required is a deeper relaxation than you've probably ever experienced before. This is because, even when you think you are relaxed, e.g. when relaxing on a recliner chair, certain muscles in your body are still working to hold you in that position.

So, when you say "completely relaxed", you mean your entire body is relaxed simultaneously. All of your muscles and nervous system are completely relaxed all at the same time. To achieve this deep state of relaxation, you need to position yourself such that every part of your body is totally aligned and supported -- aligned and supported to your body's naturally pain-free state of balance.
As you spend time in the naturally aligned and balanced position, your body releases your core tensions, stresses, and pains; and automatically adjusts and re-aligns itself internally.

Your body naturally forms new habits that automatically keep you in your naturally pain-free state. And as this occurs, your pain disappears permanently. All of this from a state of complete relaxation.