What Causes Pain All Over the Body?

What Causes Pain All Over the Body?

Pain in the body can be caused by various underlying conditions and they are extremely common. Usually, body aches are harmless but it is crucial to recognize the cause of whole-body pain and seek medical treatment when required.

In simple words, body aches are common symptoms of numerous conditions. Flu is one of the most common conditions that cause body aches and fatigue.

There are several other causes of pain they include,

  • Water Retention - Retaining fluid in the body can cause the muscles to swell and pressure on the nerves, resulting in general muscle pain. A person may also experience sharp, localized pains and cramps.
  • Stress - If you stressed then your Immune system becomes week and therefore it can’t control its response to inflammation. Resulting in frequent flu and cold which causes body aches throughout your body.
  • Lack of Sleep - A normal human body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily and not getting enough sleep can impact your overall health targeting on body ache. In order to get proper sleep, one must meditate regularly and drinking a hot beverage before bed helps to sleep better.
  • Lack of Vitamin D in the Body - Many of our body’s important organs, such as kidneys and muscles, rely on calcium to work properly. our bones also need calcium to stay healthy and if our body does not possess enough vitamin D to absorb calcium, one might feel aching in these organs.
  • CFS - Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition where one might suffer from abnormal sleep conditions and pain that are worsened by exertion. Therefore, someone with CFS may experience muscular aches in addition to insomnia, exhaustion, and weakness.
  • Arthritis - This condition occurs when a person’s joints become inflamed. It is usually caused by the wear and tear on the body and attacks the immune system directly resulting in frequent body aches and joint pains.
  • Anemia - It is a condition under which blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. Under this condition, our body is unable to get enough oxygens for the cells. Body aches, fatigue, shortness of blood and poor ability to perform any physical task are the few common symptoms of anemia.

These are some of the major causes of body aches and in order to avoid body pain, one must try to look out for the root cause of it.